At South Texas Vocational Technical Institute (STVT), we believe that practice makes perfect, which is why our curriculum combines traditional classroom lectures with hands-on training in labs designed to simulate real world working conditions.  

We also know that students may want more than just training: they also may desire a support structure that helps them find work and encourages personal and professional growth. This is why STVT offers a suite of services, including some offered exclusively by our Alumni Association

You have several career technical colleges in Texas to choose from, but we think that you will find STVT stands out above the crowd.

Advantages of Vocational School 

Pursuing vocational training can be a complicated decision, leading many students to wonder about the benefits of trade school. At STVT, our programs are designed to prepare students for their desired field. 

Trade and vocational schools focus on getting students education so they can get started on the careers they want. Our programs offer instruction on the skills employers may be looking for, which may help prepare students to join the workforce when they graduate.

Many of our students have mentioned three benefits of attending STVT: time, money, and specialization.


One of the many vocational school benefits is that your program could take less time to complete than you think. We focus on providing students the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills to be confident graduates while working to help them maintain an efficient pace. 


Campus visitors are invited to meet with our financial aid department for a personalized consultation where you can ask questions to help you develop a clear understanding of the financial aid options that are available. Financial Aid is available to those who qualify.


At STVT, we’ve focused on our core programs for years. Our instructors have industry-specific experience, and our staff focuses on improving how our students can best benefit. 

By specializing in these fields, our team can create unique learning experiences that only STVT could bring to life. Additionally, STVT strives to improve and update our career training programs to keep up with industry changes. To do so, we meet twice a year with Program Advisory Committees (PAC) made up of employers from the industry and surrounding community. These Committees review results of graduate and employer surveys, review current industry trends and give feedback and recommendations for updates to programs that the school considers for implementation.

STVT’s Career Training Advantages

At STVT, we put students first daily. Our programs and services are designed from top to bottom to assist students as they continue along their educational and career journeys. From in-depth labs to a dedicated career services staff and field-experienced instructors, STVT leads the way in technical and trade education in Texas.

We help you turn your passion into a career!

One of the benefits of higher education at STVT is that our faculty has real-world experience in their field. Our faculty also meets or exceeds accreditation instructional standards, so students can rest assured that they will be receiving a quality education at STVT. 

STVT goes above and beyond for students every day!

We hope that STVT exceeds your expectations, and we have a dedicated team working toward this goal. The benefits of attending STVT extend beyond learning as well.

We’re here for you from start to finish!

Many students learn best by doing, especially in the skilled trades. It is why all our skill development programs are designed to have students work with their hands, which allows them the opportunity to gain the experience and confidence to prepare for their future careers.

STVT faculty and staff are here to support our students. Our teams across campus are here to help – just ask!

Find Out What Makes STVT Special

At STVT, students may receive training and a diploma in a short amount of time. Our students have the opportunity to be successful in the state of Texas as they use their diplomas from our programs in Business, Skilled Trades, and Healthcare and Wellness.

Find out why STVT could be the right choice for you. Discover the advantages of higher education by reaching out to an enrollment advisor today!