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South Texas Vocational Technical Institute of San Antonio, TX

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Our unique offerings in San Antonio help our students learn at their best. From our expansive campus to our industry-experienced instructors, we help students by providing opportunities to succeed along their journey.

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Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Basic Refrigeration

Skilled Trades

If you enjoy solving puzzles and fixing things with your own hands, you may want to explore HVAC/BR training in South Texas. Graduates from our program can apply for entry-level employment in the HVAC/BR field. After completing your program, you can pursue a career where you may meet many types of people and make them happy by helping them resolve issues with their heating or air conditioning.

Program Length

Automotive Service Technician

Skilled Trades

Do you have an obsession with automobiles and how they work? If yes, then the South Texas Vocational Technical Institute’s Automotive Service Technician program could be perfect for you. Study skills from diagnostics to repairs in our hands-on environment.
Some people have always been mesmerized by cars. As a kid, maybe you learned how to change the oil in the family car long before you were even old enough to drive–just by watching your parents or their older siblings doing the same.
If you enjoy working on cars, you’ll thrive in our auto mechanic training in South Texas. Students learn how to perform diagnostic checks, fix a car’s faulty braking system, and how to repair the vehicle’s steering system. Our students develop skills to do everything from repairing a car’s transmission to ensuring a vehicle will pass an emissions test.

Program Length

Combination Welding

Skilled Trades

Welding is a skill that is treasured in the automotive and manufacturing industries. If you have a passion for working with your hands or machinery, you may enjoy our Combination Welding program that we offer in South Texas. Through this program, you can gain proper welding training and preparation at an affordable price. With our program, you can quickly learn the ways of the welder and start applying to companies as soon as you complete your program. Many manufacturers may be looking for certified welders who can provide their expertise to the company. At STVT, you can get the training, certification, and, most importantly, the confidence to go out and work your way up in the welding industry.

Program Length

CDL Training: Class A Tractor Trailer

Skilled Trades

Driving can be a fun and relaxing experience for many people. If you love driving and want to make a career out of it, consider checking out our CDL training. Through the STVT’s CDL Training: Class A Tractor Trailer program, you can train to obtain a commercial driver’s license and quickly get out onto the road, where you can begin your career as a professional driver. Many companies across the United States use CDL-certified drivers to transport products, so you can have a variety of companies to choose from when applying.*
*Graduates must obtain a CDL Class A license in order to be eligible for in-field employment

Program Length

Diesel Heavy Truck Technician

Skilled Trades

Spend your days working with powerful engines and solving complex problems. Enroll in our Diesel Heavy Truck Technician program to study skills from industry-experienced instructors in topics from mechanical to electrical work.

Program Length

Why STVT San Antonio

Our San Antonio vocational school features classrooms and technical labs where students have the opportunity to learn through lectures and hands-on instruction. Find the career you want with a campus full of people ready to help.


Help Getting Started

Finding your career path can seem daunting, but we are here to guide you through the process. From outlining your career goals to helping you navigate financial aid*, our staff is with you every step of the way.

Personalized Attention

You’re more than just a number at STVT. We create intentional programs with each student’s individual goals in mind. Classes are taught by industry professionals to ensure students learn the skills needed in their chosen field.

Career Services

Education in the classroom may be the foundation, but we know your end goal is a successful career. From interview coaching to help with creating the perfect professional resume and portfolio, our career services team is here to help you when you graduate and throughout your career.

*Financial aid is available to those who qualify.

Explore San Antonio

If you’re looking for a technical, skills-based education program near San Antonio, contact us today, and let us show you why STVT is the right choice for you.


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We’re here to give you the education to get the future you want. Learn more about attending South Texas Vocational Technical Institute.

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