Who we are

With more than 40 years of experience as a vocational school, South Texas Vocational Technical Institute (STVT) has provided Texas students with career-focused education that’s designed to help them prepare for new careers in some of today’s most exciting fields.

Through hands-on training provided by industry-experienced instructors, STVT has helped thousands of students prepare for their new careers. We’re excited for you to join them!

Why Choose STVT?

At STVT, it’s about you. From enrollment through graduation and beyond, we work with you on an individual level. We want to better understand your interests and ambitions, discuss your career goals, and share with you how our programs can help you make your dreams a reality.

What is a Trade and Vocational School?

Students have many choices when it comes to attaining their career goals: some go to traditional 4-year colleges, while others choose to develop specific vocational skills like dental assisting or automotive repair.

Most students already know what traditional college offers, but the benefits of vocational training courses aren’t always so clear. Trade schools differ from traditional universities in a few important ways, including: 

  • Program length may  be shorter than traditional four-year institutions
  • Total cost of tuition and all materials could be lower
  • Vocational courses focus on specific career paths with specialized career offerings

What Career Should I Have?

Many people find themselves challenged by questions like these. There’s almost always a way to incorporate your unique background and skills when finding the right career. A vocational education focuses on strengthening the unique skills relevant to a particular field while preparing students to tackle many common workplace happenings.

While the job market is rapidly evolving, skills like communication and client service should continue to stand the test of time. At STVT, we teach a number of career-related skills. Some of our programs focus on job search, employability skills, and hands-on career training to separate you from the rest of the pack.

Programs vary by location.


The healthcare field requires professionals with training, hands-on experience, and the desire to make a difference. At STVT, we can help you experience all of these things and more. Find out which of our programs could be right for you, including:

Skilled Trades

If you’re seeking to study skilled trades in Texas, consider STVT’s skilled trade and welding programs. You could get the skills that today’s employers may be looking for in less time than you may think. Select programs also include career planning as part of the curriculum. Our Skilled Trades programs include:


The Business Studies program at STVT can help you develop the foundation to become an essential member of an office team. Students can expect their job duties to vary depending on the industry that they enter, which is why we focus on providing students every chance to learn before they venture into the job market. If you enjoy solving problems in a timely manner while staying organized, this could be a great program choice for you.

Career Placement Services

Throughout your program, our Career Services team will work with you to help develop the skills to find opportunities that are right for you, and then turn those opportunities into a new career.

We provide resume assistance, networking opportunities, and post-interview follow up. STVT is here to help during the job search process.

We also offer specialized programs specifically for employers seeking to partner with a particular STVT campus. To view a selected list of offerings and to ask any questions, please visit our Employer information page.

Schedule a Tour

Take a tour of your future at STVT. Find out more about our vocational classes when you come to see an STVT campus in person. We’re excited for you to meet our instructors and help you discover how STVT could fit into your career plans.

Reach out to our admissions team today to get started on your future!