The healthcare field requires professionals who possess the right amount of training, hands-on experience, and the desire to make a difference. At the South Texas Vocational Technical Institute (STVT), we can help you experience all three of these things. Our industry-experienced instructors lead hands-on training courses, which is especially important in this field. Whether you’re looking for dental or medical assisting healthcare courses in Texas, our healthcare trade school could align with your career interests.

STVT’s Healthcare Career Training

At STVT, you are a member of our extended family. We will work with you as you complete your education and acquire skills in healthcare for your future career. 

Although there are variances within our healthcare programs, all of our programs focus on hands-on education from skilled instructors, with a capstone externship that allows students to practice their skills in the real world. 

Our class sizes ensures that students receive adequate attention, and the  student-teacher ratio will generally not exceed 30:1 in theory classes and 20:1 in laboratory classes. This dynamic helps both students and teachers to do their best work.

Program offerings may vary by campus.

Healthcare Training Programs in TX

STVT’s healthcare training programs are designed to prepare you for a variety of careers in the growing healthcare field. We offer programs in dental, medical, and massage specializations, focusing on preparing students for entry-level careers in their chosen field.

Dental Assisting

Our dental assisting program teaches students about the phases of the dental assistant position. You will also perform a wide range of daily tasks, including sterilizing instruments, taking and preparing impression molds, and making patient follow-up calls. 

Depending on place of employment, a Dental Assistant could be responsible for keeping patient records, billing, preparing work areas for patient treatment, and instructing patients on proper dental hygiene.

Medical Administrative Assisting Technology

Medical Administrative Assistants work as an integral part of a healthcare team. They work in all sorts of places, from private medical offices and clinics to hospitals and emergency centers. They often work with and have visibility into other medical industry positions, providing unique first-hand knowledge of the field at large.

Medical Assisting

Medical Assistants hold unique positions within the clinical environment. They do everything from appointment setting to preparing bloodwork, billing insurance to sterilizing instruments, and more. Medical assistants often interact with patients, so proper bedside manner is expected. For some, visiting the doctor or hospital is anxiety-producing or tense, so creating a positive, relaxing environment is important.

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Take the first step towards your healthcare career at STVT. We know that a decision to attend STVT is an important step in your personal and professional life, and we’re committed to providing you the information to make the career decision that’s right for you. Reach out to a member of our team today to discuss the next steps, and how STVT could fit into your healthcare career.