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Combination Welding Training For Your Future at STVT

South Texas Vocational Technical  Institute (STVT) offers an in-depth Combination Welding Program that can help prepare you with hands-on experience guided by industry-experienced staff who will help to get you from where you are now to the diploma that you want over its ten months.

Experienced Instructors

Our instructors will guide you each step of the way as you start to learn combination welding. These professionals teach the skills welders execute on the job and how to perform those skills  safely. Having industry experienced people on hand who know the field, helps the staff in our Texas welding program stand out.

Hands-On Training

Combination welding involves molten metal, high voltages, sharp edges, and many other hazards welders can run into. Building safety, comfort, and meaning with this equipment is extremely difficult to do in a traditional classroom setting. To master tools of this power and processes that are this precise,it is important to get your hands dirty. STVT is committed to providing  as much time as possible  into practicing these skills in a hands-on setting This way, students can bring the principles learned from books out of the pages and into the metal.

Hands-on training builds confidence, precision, and speed. On the job, welders have time constraints and pressure to complete a piece, which may not allow them to experiment and refine their technique. Welders who haven’t already built up a toolset,  can lead to low-quality work and unsafe work situations. By giving our students the time to master  welding skills before they ever step on the job site, we can train them to  keep their work clean and  team safe, creating the groundwork for a successful career.

Industry-Relevant Curriculum

Our Combination Welding Program takes you through the skills the National Center for Construction and Education Research has determined are important . The Combination Welding Program curriculum at STVT is recognized by the NCCER and takes students through different metal welding techniques, safety protocols, and equipment sets providing students with the opportunity to earn credentials issued by the NCCER throughout their program

Flexible Scheduling

The staff at STVT understand that your life isn’t just what happens inside the walls of our school. Everyone has commitments, whether they’re putting in hours at their job or taking care of family. STVT will work with you to balance the load of your coursework with work and other obligations in your life.

Students sometimes deny themselves the resources to get ahead in life because they don’t believe they can fit a Texas welding training program around their schedules. Here at STVT, we firmly believe that you shouldn’t have to choose between your personal and professional lives, and we’ll do what we can to help you achieve your educational and career goals.

Career Services

Our career services team will go over building your professional resume and giving cover letter writing support so that when you apply for a job, your best qualities and qualifications take center stage. We also give our students assistance with job interview practice and coaching to help with the trickiest questions and give you a real sense of comfort in these high-stakes professional exchanges. With our help, we can present the best version of you.

We also offer support in finding places to apply to upon graduation. Our graduates have our help with sorting through job postings, decoding them, to help determine if  they are a good match for the skills they have and the level they’ve achieved.

Start Your Welding Journey Today

If you are looking for welding training in Texas, STVT has the faculty and skill set you want with scheduling options to help you learn on a schedule that makes sense for you and your future. In high-skill and high-risk professions, the value of your teachers and learning it right the first time can’t be overstated. So, reach out today and let us help make STVT your choice for learning combination welding.

Information within this blog is for general information purposes only. STVT does not assume or guarantee certification/licensures, specific job/career positions, income earning potential or salary expectations based on the programs offered at STVT. Career and program information statements in this blog do not guarantee that programs or other information mentioned are offered at STVT.