At South Texas Vocational Technical Institute (STVT), we know how important career planning for students can be, which is why our student career services team works every day to help STVT students pursue new and exciting career opportunities.

It’s also why we make connections with employers and businesses in the area, as this helps provide a path to employment that might not otherwise exist.

STVT’s Career Services

We offer many services for students of our schools in Texas. Our process is built upon a single goal: to help students expand their knowledge and skill set so that they can pursue a new career. We build our students’ job skills through a number of career training programs and workshops focused on:

Searching and Pinpointing Employment Opportunities

STVT’s student career center in Texas starts with the basics of how to perform a job search. We show students how to identify the right opportunities and how to compare postings from different employers. 

Creating a Professional Resume and Cover Letter

Well-written resumes and cover letters can make a world of difference when hunting for a job, and STVT’s career services team works with students to ensure that these documents are properly put together. What’s more, STVT also teaches students how to update their resumes as their professional experiences grow. 

Making Contacts and Networking

Perhaps one of the best kept secrets of career growth is just how effective networking can be. For some students, networking can also be the scariest part of the job search. Our career services staff is here to assist students in gaining experience and practice with effective networking.

Researching Potential Employers

No two employers are alike, and students need to know how to tell the difference between benefits, job offers, and what makes each company different. Students and alumni should know how to properly compare potential employers and offers, as doing so will make planning for the future much easier and convenient. STVT Career Services also helps alumni and students learn how to research and reach out to potential employers.

Job Interview Coaching and Practice

To land a job, one needs to interview first. STVT Career Services specialists prepare students with mock interviews while providing constructive feedback so that students are ready for the real thing. 

Soft Skills Enhancement and Communication Development

Many of us could use a touch-up on our soft skills. Career Services specialists help our students and alumni develop and improve both verbal and digital communication skills.

Post-Interview Follow-Up

After supporting students through the job search process, our team assists students through the final steps as they await news from potential employers. We help STVT students and alumni stay focused and keep track of the feedback and offers they’ve received.

Speak With Our Career Services Specialists Today!

Many employers trust our graduates because they know STVT, they know who we are, and they know what our students are all about. All of our teams here in Texas are ready to assist you as you begin or continue your educational journey. Should you have any questions about financial aid*, our programs, or if you would like to start your application, contact us today and take the next step in your future.

*Financial Aid available to those who qualify.

To find additional information about services offered to employers, please visit our page for College Recruiting