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Career Services Support Available at STVT

At South Texas Vocational Technical Institute (STVT), we understand that students want more than just a quality education—they want the skills and knowledge to transition smoothly into the workforce. Our Career Services team is here to help students and graduates navigate the job market with personalized support and resources.

What Do STVT’s Career Services Provide?

Our Career Services team at STVT offers personalized support to help students move closer to their career goals. We provide services including:

  • Assistance with cover letter and resumé writing
  • Mock interviews
  • Job search strategies
  • Networking opportunities
  • Career fairs and employer events
  • Providing relevant job leads

What is the Purpose of Career Services?

Career Services teams aim to ease the transition from education to the workforce by helping students and graduates develop their professional profiles. While they can’t guarantee employment, they can offer networking opportunities and resources to support graduates in their job hunt.

How Can STVT’s Career Services Help Students?

Starting from the admissions process, our Career Coaching services help students identify their career goals. Throughout their training program, students work with our team to build their professional profiles and explore externship opportunities where available.

Our Admissions Representatives help prospective students identify their career goals before they even choose their training program. We do this to ensure our programs are compatible with your goals and can help work toward them.

What are Externship Opportunities?

Some STVT programs offer externship opportunities, allowing students to gain industry connections and professional experience during their studies. Our Career Services team assists students in eligible programs to explore these opportunities.

During their externships, students can network with industry professionals as they gain professional experience.

Currently, STVT programs with externship requirements include:

Our Career Services team can also help students explore opportunities for the practicum in the Dental Assisting program available at the following campuses:

  • Brownsville, TX
  • Corpus Christi, TX
  • McAllen, TX
  • Weslaco, TX

Much like with an externship, students should also use this time to build professional connections which may prove to be beneficial during their job search after graduation.

What is Career Coaching?

Beyond resumé assistance, career coaching at STVT involves creating job search strategies tailored to students’ goals. Our team helps students identify and implement strategies to navigate the job market effectively. Having a job search strategy is a critical element to help you be more successful and make the overall process easier.

Some strategies can be as simple as regularly monitoring the websites of companies a graduate may like; others may require learning new skills or forming connections with industry professionals during career fairs. Our team can help students identify and implement strategies best aligned with a student’s goals.

Does Support Continue for Graduates?

Even after graduation, our Career Services team supports alumni in clarifying their goals and preparing for interviews. We offer mock interviews, feedback, and assistance in researching potential employers.

As employers express interest in an alumnus, we can help schedule upcoming interviews and track any relevant information. This could include the date of a follow-up interview and how the interview turned out. They can also teach graduates how to follow up with employers after an interview.

The Bottom Line

At STVT, career services are available to students and graduates alike. We strive to help students set their career goals before they even begin training and guide them through their job hunt after graduation. From the admissions process and even after graduation, we’re here to help our students and alumni along the way. Whether it’s creating an effective resume, practicing interviewing skills, or providing insight into the current job market, we aim to support our students and graduates as they work towards achieving their professional goals.

We encourage our students and alumni to take advantage of our services and move even closer to their goals. Ready to get started? Call us at (800) 480-9776 or submit this form for more information.

Information within this blog is for general information purposes only. STVT does not assume or guarantee certification/licensures, specific job/career positions, income earning potential or salary expectations based on the programs offered at STVT. Career and program information statements in this blog do not guarantee that programs or other information mentioned are offered at STVT.