The Alumni Association of South Texas Vocational Technical Institute (STVT) provides graduates of our career programs in Texas with access to valuable resources like computer labs, continuing education courses, and services like professional development workshops. 

Graduates in good standing of the STVT Alumni Association also receive continued access to the Student Resource Center and career coaching sessions with Career Services.

Supporting You Beyond Graduation

STVT knows how hard students work to earn their diplomas. That’s why we support our students through the entirety of their educational journey and provide assistance after they’ve finished their career school training.

After graduation, students who maintain membership in the STVT Alumni Association may benefit from information on career courses, workshops, and access to computers with select software, among other benefits.

Benefits To Help You Succeed

Membership in the STVT Alumni Association offers benefits that will assist with your continued professional development and growth.

Some of the most common benefits offered are:

  • Access to the Student Resource Center
    • Computer labs
    • Current publications
    • Updated software
    • Online databases
  • Career Coaching Consultation Sessions
  • Job Search Assistance
  • Professional Development Workshops
  • Continuing Education Courses
  • Information on Skills Refresher Courses
  • First hand notification of scholarship opportunities
  • Subscription to Quarterly Alumni Association Newsletter
  • Community Discounts
  • Networking Opportunities

Be Proud Of What You’ve Accomplished at STVT

It is our hope that as you move through the next stages of your career path, you will continue to be proud of the educational experience you had at STVT. It is alumni like you that allow us the opportunity to continue to provide career courses and thrive within the community.

To become a member of the STVT College Alumni Association, please contact us at

Keep up with all of the Alumni upcoming events and activities at our career training schools by joining the STVT Alumni Association Facebook Page.