The healthcare industry is growing! Due to an aging population, the move to electronic health records and other factors, the healthcare industry will see an increase in the need for qualified medical support staff. Now is a great time to become a Medical Administrative Assistant.

As a Medical Administrative Assistant, you will work as an integral part of a healthcare team. Your responsibilities could include patient scheduling, obtaining & entering patient medical information, handling billing & insurance claims, and coding medical records.

Why should I become a Medical Administrative Assistant?

The healthcare industry is big and, at times, complicated. Professionals with medical administrative assistant training will be important for years to come, increasing the likelihood of a secure, long-term employment opportunity for individuals with the right training. At STVT, you can take medical administration courses that can teach you the skills employers are looking for.

Through STVT’s medical administrative assistant training, you’ll also be entering a career that gives you visibility into other positions in the medical industry that can allow you to see how the rest of the medical field works. So, if you ever decide to move to a new position, you’ll have first-hand knowledge of the positions that interest you most.

Where do Medical Administrative Assistants work?

These professionals work primarily in private medical offices, clinics, minor emergency centers and hospitals. Their job titles could be anything from Medical Administrative Assistant to Insurance Clerk or Medical Receptionist to Billing Specialist.

How much do Medical Administrative Assistants earn?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical secretaries earn a median salary of $37,090 per year.  The lowest 10 percent earn $25,390 and the top 10 percent earn $51,890 annually.  In addition, most Medical Administrative Assistants work full time in comfortable office settings.


More Questions?

Ready to learn more about our Medical Administrative Assistant training program? Contact us today and we can answer any questions you have about our programs. We know that a decision to attend STVT is an important step in your personal and professional life and we are committed to making sure that you have all of the information you need to make a career training decision that is right for you.

STVT offers Medical Administrative Assisting Technology programs at these Texas locations:


Programs vary by location.
High school diploma, GED, or equivalent required.